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Alan McCarthy Wins NSW State Minor Snooker by bsaadmin
Alan McCarthy from Sydney has taken out the NSW State Minor Snooker title this year, showing his class and maturity, Alan was runner up in 2006 also. Alan defeated David Liu 4-2.
Chris Todd Wins His First NSW Masters Snooker Championship by bsaadmin
Congratulations to Chris Todd the 2017 NSW MASTERS CHAMPION. Chris defeated Terry Emmett 4-2. It was Chris’s first win in the Masters and Terry’s 2nd time as runner up.
NSW Billiards Rankings by bsaadmin
Following last week's AGM for the Billiards and Snooker Association of NSW, an exciting development has progressed for Billiards in NSW.
Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting by bsaadmin
Notice is hereby given that the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Billiards & Snooker Association of NSW (Inc) will be held at: The Cove Room, Ramsgate RSL Club, 181 Ramsgate rd, Sans Souci NSW 2219 on Monday 13th February 2017 commencing at 7.00pm.
Boys From The South Win 2016 State Doubles Snooker by bsaadmin
Congratulations to Rod Hart & Tyson Crinis defeating Glen Wilkinson & Jom Wangta 3-1, to win their first state doubles title.
Joe Minici Makes It Lucky Number 13 by bsaadmin
The White Elephant- NSW State Billiards Championship 2016, was held at Club Marconi, The tournament had 40 entries and the 10 Group Round Robin commenced on Saturday 5th November, with large 2m high banners in the clubs foyer the scene was set for a Billiards Championship worthy of a State Title.
NSW Women's Minor Snooker








   2016                            Club Toukley RSL
   2015    Linda Larrea      Donna Crouch    

 Jo Holland

  15    Club Toukley RSL
   2014    Annette Clifford  


   Cathy Small  

   Cathy Small  


   Club Toukley RSL
   2013    Judy White-Singh  

   Joy Perkins  

   Judy White-Singh   18     Club Toukley RSL
   2012    Rhonda Knight  

   Joy Perkins  

   Rhonda Knight  


   Club Toukley RSL
   2011    Jacqueline Baird  

   Judy White-Singh  

   Jacqueline Baird  


   Club Toukley RSL
   2010    Sandra Markovic  


                   Club Toukley RSL
   2009    Carlie Tait                        Club Toukley RSL
   2008    Not Held                        
   2007    Not Held                        
   2006    Not Held                        
   2005    Not Held                        
   2004    Not Held                        
   2003    Not Held                        
   2002    Not Held                        
   2001    Not Held                        
   2000    Dee Davis      Joan Li              Mounties
   1999    Not Held                        
   1998    Fleur Williamson      Sandra Markovic      Carolyn Hunter   24     Bankstown Sports Club
   1997    Tammy Cantoni      Jenny McCulla      Tammy Cantoni   29     Bankstown Sports Club
   1996    Tessa Huie      Dee Davis      Tammy Cantoni   33     Bankstown Sports Club
   1995    Alison Latham   3    Dee Davis   2    Alison Latham   27     Bankstown Sports Club
   1994    Cindy Hall      Camira Cruwys      Camira Cruwys   32     Bankstown Sports Club
   1993    Carolyn Meekin      Alison Latham      Alison Latham   25     Snookerworld Sydney
   1992    Irene Emmett      Carolyn Meekin      Shirley Ridley   25     Albury Commercial Club
   1991    Karen Carruthers      Carolyn Meekin      Karen Carruthers   26     Mittagong RSL Club
   1990    Mai-Lan Tong      Diane Stait      Irene Emmett   46     Lakemba RSL Club
   1989    Kathy Robins      Debbie King      Kathy Robins   26     Lakemba RSL Club
   1988    Kathy Parashis      Kathy Robins      Kathy Parashis   25     Rooty Hill RSL Club
   1987    Dianne Spring      Darelle Ross      Vicki Hart   28     Marrickville RSL Club
   1986    Anne-Marie Amess      Elizabeth Clarke      Irene Emmett   27     Parkes Leagues Club
   1985    Donna White      Roni Staples      R. Hewitt   22     Cabra-Vale Ex-Active Servicemen's Club
   1984    Jennie Mors      Donna White      Jennie Mors   28     Cabra-Vale Ex-Active Servicemen's Club
   1983    Kathy Blunden      Roni Staples              Balmain Leagues Club
   1982    Lisa Kidney      Jennie Mors      Helen Fordham   22     Woonona Bulli RSL Club
   1981    Shirley Hall                        
   1980    Jane Greenall      Shirley Hall      Shirley Hall   24     Woonona Bulli RSL Club
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