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Individual members, plus all affiliated Clubs and Area Associations, are the big winners following the recent launch of the BSA NSW’s Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) – which is a new initiative implemented by the 2011 Committee in order to provide an appealing annual ‘reward’ system for our members and affiliates.

The LRP has been developed in conjunction with the January 2012 release of a definitive listing of Membership & Affiliation Benefits which has since been readily available for download from the BSA NSW website. Our Loyalty Reward Program, like others you may be familiar with at many clubs, etc is aimed at encouraging and maintaining a strong basis of support for BSA NSW via ongoing annual memberships and affiliations.

This is an incentive-based program designed to simply acknowledge the active support and participation of our members and affiliates – by providing them with an opportunity to share in a total of 15 prizes annually.

The BSA NSW is excited to be able to introduce such an important initiative that will duly recognise and reward the involvement of our sports key assets and participants; i.e the many Billiards & Snooker Clubs, their Area Associations and the members themselves. It is also important to note that the Loyalty Reward Program will reach out equally to both Metropolitan and Country/Regional areas in NSW.

The LRP launch and draw for 2012 prize winners was recently conducted at Club Marconi following the Final of the inaugural NSW State Masters Snooker Championship. Full details can be accessed here.

The BSA NSW is pleased to be able to introduce the Loyalty Reward Program for the benefit of its members and affiliates. It is hoped that the concept will be warmly received by one and all and that prizes allocated will prove beneficial to the lucky winners.

If you have not already done so, please download the appropriate membership or affiliation application form for 2012 from the BSA NSW website and ensure that you and your Club or Area Association will be part of the 2013 draw. Club and Area Association affiliation remains free, with a nominal $30.00 fee payable for individual membership.

Gary Knight
Acting BSA NSW Secretary

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