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BSA NSW established a formal working relationship with the NSW Government in 2010 via the Office of Communities, Sport & Recreation which has subsequently proven to be most beneficial. This formal Community Partnership role also requires BSA NSW to actively support various Government initiatives and programs to our members from time to time. One of these is Play By The Rules.
What is Play By The Rules ?
PBTR is a partnership between the Australian Sports Commission and all State/Territory sport and recreation and anti-discrimination agencies.
The PBTR website offers information, resources and online learning for clubs and sporting organisations to ensure that all involved in the sport and recreation industry can do so in enjoyable, safe environments free from discrimination or harassment. This is applicable to everyone and includes:
•      Free online training on your legal rights and responsibilities;
•      Information on how to respond to common issues and challenges;
•      Inter-active scenarios on topical sport issues;
•      Guidelines and information sheets to support sporting personnel;
•      State specific information on discrimination and child protection;
•      Resources in a range of formats;
The PBTR website helps to build the capacity of all people involved in sport and recreation to prevent and deal with behaviour that does not fit with safe, fair and inclusive participation.
Snooker & Billiards clubs and Area Associations can use the resources on the PBTR website to improve the capacity and capability of all participants in order to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child safety issues within our sport.
Read this brochure about PBTR to learn more about the full menu of offerings and resources available on the website: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET
For full details on the PBTR website, go to: http://www.playbytherules.net.au/
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